Corona Australis

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Abbreviation:Â Â CrA
English Name: Â The Southern Crown
Genitive: Corona Australis
Hemisphere:  Southern Hemisphere (Never visible from the UK.)
Location:Â Between the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius.
Visible between latitudes: Â +40 and -90 degrees
Best season:Â Summer
Seen in three season:Â Spring, Summer and Autumn
Best seen in:  August
Seen between:Â May and early October
Right Ascension (RA):  19 hour
Declination (DEC):  -40 degrees
Area (square degrees):Â Â 128 (80th)

Corona Australis (The Southern Crown)

  • Small constellation in the southern sky but pretty though; the southern counterpart of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown in the northern sky.
  • Lying alongside the Milky Way.

Messier Objects

  • No Messier objects in Corona Australis.

Features of Interest

  • NGCÂ 6541 – Globular Cluster, also known as Caldwell 78 (C78), visible with a small telescope, or even binoculars; covering an area as one third size of the Full. This Globular Cluster is approx around 14 billion years old.

Named Stars

  • Alfecca Meridiana (Alpha CrA)


  • Photo of the constellation – Corona Australis, as it appears to the naked-eye. (Lines have been added for clarity.)
  • Sky Chart  –  Corona Australis
  • List of stars in Corona Australis.

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