Deep Sky Objects DR5

Lists of Deep Sky Objects
(To view the Lists of Deep Sky Objects from In-The-Sky website by Dominic Ford.)

Deep Sky Objects


The Messier catalogue comprises nearly all of the most spectacular examples of the four types of deep-sky object:-
nebulas, open & globular clusters, and galaxies – visible from European latitudes.

Messier by

Messier by

Messier by

New General Catalogue

Lists of New General Catalogue objects (NGC)
To view the NGC objects from In-The-Sky website by Dominic Ford.

NGC Objects
NGC1 thru NGC7840

NGC Objects by

NGC Objects by
sort order – Magnitude

Other Objects Catalogues

Browse other objects catalogues
To view the other objects catalogues from In-The-Sky website by Dominic Ford.

Index Catalogue
(IC1 thru IC5384)

The Caldwell
(C1 thru C109)

The Collinder Catalog
(open clusters)
(Cr 1 thru Cr 471)

The Barnard Catalog
(dark markings)
(B1 thru B370)

The Sharpless Catalog
(SH2-1 thru SH2-313)


The Melotte Catalog
(Mel 1 thru Mel 245)

Abell Catalog of
planetary nebula

(Abell 21 – 69)

Abell Catalog of rich clusters of galaxies
(Abell 1 thru 4076)

Abell Catalog of
galaxies clusters


The Arp’s Catalog
of peculiar galaxies

(ARP 1 thru ARP 338)

Darker View

Public nature of the internet also makes this personal database available to anyone in the world who wishes to share what they have seen in dark skies.


List of Deep Sky Objects Printable (Michael Vlasov)
This work is a printable field guide and observing list of deep-sky objects. It provides basic information about 7000 objects (up to magnitude 14) and features additional 700 select DSO, with negative thumbnail images. Michael Vlasov, he made it using SAC database as main source of data, excluding objects with declination lower then -60º (south).

Deep Sky Objects
Full Page
(single PDF file, 22MB, 160 pages)

Deep Sky Objects
Sorted by constellation
(single PDF file, 1.1MB, 109 pages)

Deep Sky Objects
Messier Objects list (single PDF file, 4.9MB, 7 pages)

Downloadable Observing Guides

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