Abbreviation: Â Scl
English Name: Â The Sculptor
Genitive:Â Sculptoris
Hemisphere:  Southern Hemisphere
Location:Â Between the constellations of Cetus and Phoenix.
Visible between latitudes: Â +90 and -40 degrees
Best season: Autumn
Seen in three seasons:Â Summer, Autumn & Winter
Best seen in:  Late October
Seen between:Â Early October and late November
Right Ascension (RA):  24 hour
Declination (DEC):  -30 degrees
Area (square degrees): Â 475 (36th)

Sculptor  (The Sculptor)

  • This is a small and faint constellation in the southern sky.
  • No stars brighter than magnitude +3.0 are located in this  constellation.

Messier Objects

  • No Messier objects in Sculptor.

Features of Interest

  • NGC 55  –  Irregular Galaxy; edge-on, 12-inch telescope is required to show it well. (magnitude: +8.2)
  • NGC 228  –  Globular Cluster; poorly concentrated, appearing as a hazy spot, although  individual stars may be detected even with 4-inch telescope.
  • NGC 253  –  Spiral Galaxy; known as The Silver Coin Galaxy, readily seen as elongated even with 3-inch telescope – fine object with 12-inch telescope. (Magnitude: +7.1)
  • NGC 300 Â – Â Spiral Galaxy; also known as Caldwell 70 (C70), very bright, large & elongated in s-shaped; contain dark lanes

Named Stars

  • Alpha Sculptoris (blue-white star / Magnitude: +4.3)


  • Photo of the constellation;Â Sculptor, as it appears to the naked eye. (Lines have been added for clarity.)
  • Sky Chart  –  Sculptor
  • List of stars in Sculptor.

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